Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday PM

I'm sitting in a Motel 6 on the Virginia side of Bristol.

The Saints are squeaking through the playoff game with Minneapolis, and they've just scored.

Last night was one of the strangest of my life, and one I'll be thinking about for a long, long time.

That said, I'm awed by the outpouring of congrats, kudos and love from all of our friends and fans. So many people helped us get to Memphis that I would never be able to list all of them without help. But here's a partial list: All of our Zoo Bar supporters, the DC Blues Society, everyone who came out to all our fundraisers, the families of the bandmembers, fellow musicians, regular jammers and everyone in Memphis who befriended us. The guys who built my amps and rebuilt my harmonicas. The folks who gave us personal donations right out of their pockets. Everyone who had an ounce of confidence in us- I hope you're not disappointed.

I'm being general here, because I really don't want to leave anyone out. What a moving experience this has been.

Finally I want to thank everyone who has ever been in the Big Boy Little Band. I'm an extraordinarily lucky person, even if I don't seem to realize it.

Thank you, everyone.

Now we can get back to the real business of playing music.

Love to all,


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  1. Yay! We can't wait to have you back! No one disappointed here!