Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday AM

We made the finals! How's that for suspense?

Here's how we did it: the band played great, I wore a white suit and red shoes and a Nepalese prayer hat (as usual). We paced our set, spotlighted Matt's terrific guitar playing, and Robbie's perfect drumming, behaved ourselves and didn't spit on the floor. Steve played great and Connie wore one of those ridiculous outfits of hers that makes her look like a private detective's sexy receptionist from a Dashiell Hammett book.

Matt's family cheered and his Dad got the crowd to applaud after the solos. My oldest friends Jock, Bob and George came from DC and were there to remind me that I'm not so hot. Our number one supporter Chuck flew in from DC just to cheer us on.

So last night we sat in BB King's club and waited for the results. All of us. And when we heard our name we cheered, hugged each other and I cried like a baby. My friends let me be an asshole for about an hour, I drank too much wine and then went to bed.

And that's how we did it.


  1. Well, I'm really proud of you! Congratulations to all of you guys and Connie too! Can't wait for your homecoming!

  2. Congratulations guys! I knew you could do it.

  3. Fucking Awesome!!!!!!
    Alright it's profane...but someone had to say it. Got up early waiting on a post..didn't let me down brother! Bret,Matt,Steve,Robbie I am so proud of you guys...what did I tell you man-you really are a legend and the real thing so now go out tonight and kill 'em. Go do what you did over on MV and you will win...
    Tall Richard don't give out compliments easy...
    but BBL is the best band south of Massachusetts. Well in my opinion..may the spirit of James Harmon watch over you tonight my brother....Tall

  4. Just got a press release from IBC so I'm spreading the word to listeners of Da 'Gator on WPFW...

  5. WhooHoooooo! Regardless of the outcome, you guys have won, BUT, slay them anyway tonight!! Janet

  6. Best of luck. You guys are an inspiration to us all and a joy to listen to. Watch, now there'll be a cover charge Thursday nights at the Zoo Bar. Wayne D.